Important Reminder

Date: 9 April 2018

(Domestic Student Pass for Non-Sarawakian (Malaysian))

  • Please renew your Student Pass 3 months before the expiry date (especially if you are planning to leave Sarawak during the Tuition Free Week). This is to ensure that you have a valid student pass and avoid any difficulties during your departure at the airport.
  • If you would like to travel while your Student Pass is in the process of approval by the Miri Immigration Office, please submit to us your flight itinerary at least 2 WEEKS before the flight departure for submission to Immigration Office.
  • Important note for New Foundation students:
    1. If you previously enters Miri using your Identity Card (IC), you can use your IC to exit Miri during the Tuition Free Week provided you still have the White Slip (entry details).
    2. If you previously enters Miri using your passport, you must ensure that you have your passport with you. If your passport was submitted to our office, please provide us your flight itinerary details for submission to Miri Immigration urgently.

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Student Pass Office: